Pasadena Super 8 Motel

The Super 8 Motel in Pasadena, California offers very well maintained, clean rooms. The location is just 2 miles from downtown Pasadena. Although the motel location is quite safe, you may not want to walk the 2 miles as it brings you through a questionable area. Downtown Pasadena is nice, clean and safe, with quaint restaurants and shops – as quaint as it gets in Southern California, that is.

The breakfast is bare-bones – but plenty of affordable places to eat in town. If you just need an affordable place to stay in Pasadena for a night or two, the Super 8 is it! AAA approved too!!!

Super 8 Motel Pasadena
2863 E Colorado Blvd
Pasadena, CA 91107

San Francisco Bay Area Criminal Defense Lawyers

If you get in trouble with a DUI (driving under the influence) you need a good lawyer. There are plenty of DUI lawyers out there – just doing a Google search will tell you that. What it won’t tell you though, is that not all of these lawyers are created equal. O’Connor & Runckel LLP is a law firm with a difference. Both partners, Thomas O’Connor and Jason Runckel, are former Deputy District Attorneys who have prosecuted or negotiated thousands (that’s right, thousands) of DUI cases. Now, as DUI Defense Lawyers, they have thorough knowledge of both sides of the coin. In addition, their over 22 years of experience as Deputy D.A.s in the bay area has made them familiar with every law enforcement agency located here in the San Francisco bay area.

Do the comparison for yourself. It is unlikely that you will find lawyers with the courtroom experience of Thomas O’Connor and Jason Runckel, not only from the defense, but also from the prosecution side. If you have been arrested for a DUI, this is no time to play games. Get serious defense.

C.A.M. Construction

I needed two windows replaced in my house and decided to use Home Depot, because I have a Home Depot credit card that defers payment for 12 months. Ordering from Home Depot in Pleasanton required some waiting time, because they are generally understaffed and you are lucky to find someone in the department you are shopping in. We ordered the windows on a Sunday, and the installer, C.A.M. Construction of Livermore was over on Wednesday to take measurements.

Unfortunately, the Home Depot expediter was completely disorganized and dropped the ball a number of times. When the windows had not even been ordered after two weeks, we decided to take our business to Lowes. We worried that we had lost the deposit that covered the measurements, but luckily Lowes also used C.A.M. construction as an installer, and they were able to use the same measurements.

This time the installation sales department of Lowes dropped the ball, and although the windows had been at their facility for nearly two weeks, they did not inform the installer, C.A.M. Construction, despite multiple calls from me.

Luckily, the very next day after C.A.M. was informed the windows were in, they called to set up an installation appointment, for the upcoming weekend. They installed the windows quickly, and we are very happy with the result. Although I can’t recommend ordering windows from Lowes or Home Depot, I can highly recommend C.A.M. construction for installation.