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Yesterday after I returned home from work, I experienced the dreaded event that all home-owners eventually encounter. A backed up sewer line. Toilets were full and didn’t flush properly. Shower and bath had standing “water.” Just what you want to experience at 8 PM in the evening.

This was the first back-up we’ve experienced since moving to Pleasanton, so it was time to find a new rooter. A Google search resulted in an awful lot of Roto-Rooter listings, so I clicked on one, which brought me to the main website Under “Request Service” I entered my zip code and selected “Contact Local Branch.” The brought up the following listing:

Roto-Rooter Independent Franchise
(925) 605-4311

Exactly where it was located, I have no idea, but the quote was for $204 per hour with a one hour miniumum. Ouch. I remember having roots ground out of my sewer drain being less expensive, but that was a few years ago, and in Hayward. Nobody would be available for another hour and a half, so I decided to move on.

Next up was Mr. Resuce, but their website was too user-hostile, so I moved on quickly.

Here’s who I finally ended up using:

Mr. Rooter
182 Madelia Pl
San Ramon, CA 94583

(925) 416-0966‎

The operator answered immediately and said that she would contact a technician, who would be available immediately. Immediately was very important to me, with standing “water” in the shower and bath, and no rest rooms available. She wouldn’t quote an hourly rate and said they could only give an estimate after the technician had evaluated the situation.

The technician called about a half hour later, and after a bit of back and forth I was able to extricate from him that rooting the sewer line would cost $238. Still ouch, but I was dulled by fatigue, so it hurt less. Mr. Rooter charges per task, so it was the same charge no matter how long it took. To make a long story short, the technician, Steve, arrived between 9 and 9:30 and left at midnight, with the toilets flushing and the tub and shower drained. He did a good job of cleaning up after himself too. At that point I was glad I hadn’t gone with the hourly charge.

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