Review: Casa Nuestra Winery & Vineyards

Casa Nuestra is a small winery on the Silverado Trail, in the Napa Valley, located in St. Helena.

Casa Nuestra Winery and Vinyard

Before we had visited, all I had heard about the place was that they had goats to keep the weeds under control. Well they did have goats, but there are better things around there to eat than weeds (like hay) . The goats we saw were second generation. How long do goats live. I don’t know, but leave me a comment to clue me in.

Casa Nuestra Goat

There was a congenial fellow with an east coast accent pouring for us. All the wines were pretty good. They had a cool rocking chair made out of wine barrels that one in our party bought.

The Chenin Blanc is their flagship wine, and I bought a bottle. Very dry and very good.

The owner is a 60’s hippie/attorney, ¬†Elvis fan and close friend of Peter Yarrow of Peter, Paul and Mary.

Fun, small place. Highly recommended.

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