Test Only Smog Check Center in Pleasanton

It’s that time of every-other year again. Time to renew my automobile registration, and it came with the words “SMOG Certification Required at a Test Only or Gold Sheild station.” I’m not sure what a Gold Shield station is, but I’m all too familiar with Test Only stations. My catalytic converter went out before my last SMOG check and I spent a good amount of time at:

Epps Test Only Center
183 Wyoming St
(925) 931-0922

When I called this time, ‎ however, I let the phone ring about 15 times and no one picked up. I did  have a coupon for:

Clear Blue Test Only SMOG Station
3790 Hopyard Road
Pleasanton, CA 94588
(925) 462-7664

Time to price shop. Clear Blue’s normal price for my ’98 Toyota Camry V6 was $89.95, plus $10 for the certificate. Without the coupon that would be pretty steep, but the coupon brought the price down to $44.95 plus $10, or $54.95 total.

The next two places I called were a little farther away, in Dublin, but still within my shopping range:

All Smogs Test Only Center
7034 Village Pkwy
Dublin, CA 
(925) 828-7277

The cost at All Smogs was $68.95, including certificate, plus you could get 5 dollars off by bringing in a canned food donation. An appointment was necessary.

‎Last on my list was:

Discount Smog Check Center
6055 Dougherty Rd
Dublin, CA‎ 
(925) 551-0400

The cost at Discount was $45.20 plus the cost of the certificate. Not enough of a savings for the extra driving, so I chose Clear Blue.

When I arrived the technician was standing out front waiting for a customer. That was me! He collected my paperwork, gave me some to fill out, and then directed me to the waiting area. By the time I got settled, and started my reading, he was backing my car up to where I sat. Fifteen minutes, if that, from start to finish.

If you need a SMOG check at a Test Only center in Pleasanton, California, I highly recommend Clear Blue. They are located on Hopyard Road and Las Positas, right next to the Shell station, and  near the DMV.

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    • Diana P. on June 16, 2009 at 3:38 pm

    Thanks for this info. It was exactly what I was looking for. None of these places gives their prices on line. I guess they want you to call or just come in w/a coupon and who knows what they might charge. I happen to have a coupon for Clear Blue. Since it is in my neighborhood, that is where I will be taking my automobile. Thanks again for this timely information.

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